One of the biggest things that you have gained weight is the development of a fat face. While you can easily hide spreading hips or expanding thighs, it is just about impossible to camouflage your feature that is out there for the entire world to see. It doesn’t matter which angle a person views you, having a fat face is a give a way that you have gained weight.
How to lose double chin
Nobody likes to have a fat face. It is not flattering, it makes wearing fashionable clothes difficult and it detracts from one’s overall appearance. Maybe you are overweight and have excess fat around the face and neck. Maybe you are prone to loose skin in the neck region- aging can also exacerbate or cause it. Whatever the case, I bet you would love to lose your double chin for good. The good news is you can.
The first thing you need to do to combat the loose skin that gives the impression of a fat face is to eat less. There is a way around this if weight is the cause of the problem. Different people store fat in different places, but in many people, it is stored in the facial and neck regions, adding apparent layers to the face.
Lose it through diet, losing weight naturally involves eating sensibly, that is to say in moderate portions and also avoiding or cutting back on foods and substances that cause weight gains like salt, alcohol, and fat. Salt and alcohol can cause water retention, which can bloat the face and fat will add those telling extra kilograms. Choosing what you eat can help you slim down your body and face. If you want to decrease your body fat and this includes the fat in your chin, you should skip foods high in calories, sodium, sugar, and fats. You should increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein- rich foods. Eating consciously goes hand in hand with getting physically active.

Exercise to lose double chin if you would like to lose it more quickly, you can also do some simple facial toning and firming exercise which some people call facial isometric exercise or facial gymnastics. Follow these exercises every day and expect to see that double chin reduce in size. There are several exercises that specifically target the chin and neck area. You have to choose a systematic program that will teach you the proper exercise to stretch, strengthen and firm your chin and neck muscles, thereby reducing accumulated fat safely and naturally. Here is one simple but very effective exercise: sit or stand straight, then slowly tilt your head back as far as can. Open your mouth as wide as you can, do this exercise in 10 to 20 repetitions. This exercise works particularly on strengthening the neck muscles and eliminating fat in the chin area.