When it comes to personal care and fitness, it is always important to have good health and take proper care of your body, that way your health will improve and you will also look better. Maybe you want to start losing weight? Or, maybe you think you are healthy and have a good body, but you just can’t get rid of that face fat or double chin that bothers you so much and is not pretty at all.
How to lose face fat the natural way
Drink water - If you think that because you drink a soda, juice or other processed drinks you are drinking water for the mere fact that the product is made with water, you have to reconsider. Even if you drink water. Drink more water. Water is always good for your body, you have to take into consideration your metabolism and the amount of energy you burn during the day, how much sunlight you take at day, and anything you do that could dehydrate, so you can make up for that loss. The recommended is 2 liters of water a day (or eight glasses) but taking in consideration all of the above, you can adjust to what your body needs. Also, when you are not drinking enough water your body tends to retain liquids, and that may result in a fat looking face.
Diet and exercise – A balanced diet and regular exercise are the basics to a healthy lifestyle. But, maybe you are on a diet, but you don’t exercise; or you do exercise and you are burning body fat, but your face remains the same.
There are two types of fat, the good fat, and the bad fat. In order to avoid the bad fat, you have to reduce the intake of junk food like burgers, pizza or anything fried. On the other hand, there is a compound that can be found on many foods that is very rich in good fat: Omega 3.
This is very important for maintaining an efficient metabolism and a healthy body. Among the foods rich in omega-3 there´s fish, almonds, nuts, olive oil, and many more. Also, too much salt and refined sugar could make your body more likely to retain liquids, such as alcohol. Foods rich in calcium like cheese (low fat cottage cheese) or yogurt, can also help with weight losing and retain less water in your face.
Exercise will reduce overall fat, it does not matter which type of exercise you do. After losing some weight, eventually you will lose face fat and you will see your cheeks slimmer, so if you already have a good diet, sometimes that alone will not be enough, you have to exercise too. Besides normal exercises there are also specific exercises that could help to reduce fat face:
Facial exercises – There exist several face exercises that could help you not only to reduce the fat on your face, cheeks, and double chin, but also makes you look younger reducing the lines and wrinkles, improving your face health and beauty. You can easily search online for many more facial exercises and other homemade tricks that could help, here are some:
·        Chewing gum: the repetitive chewing gum motion helps to strengthen your jaw. Stop if it’s starting to hurt.
·        X-O exercise: moving your mouth in different ways exercise the muscles. Pronouncing “X, O” repeated times it’s an easy way to burn fat from your cheeks.
·        Face massage, face stretching and blowing balloons are good exercises too.